Winter Averaging for WW Rates

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For residential customers on the City’s retail water and wastewater service, the City bases monthly wastewater charges on the average water consumption for November, December, January, and February. The three lowest consumptions are averaged. This average is used to calculate your wastewater charge for the entire year. An account must be active the entire four months to establish an average. All new accounts will be charged the citywide average until the account has established its own winter average.

If you have a water leak during this time period, making your water consumption noticeably higher than usual, a written request for an appeal and adjustment consideration must be submitted to the Utility Billing Department no later than May 1st.
Fax: 512-251-5768
PO Box 589,
Pflugerville, TX 78691

Please include copies of plumbing bills or receipts from the purchase of plumbing supplies. Upon consideration, your wastewater average may be adjusted appropriately.

Averages cannot be adjusted for lawn watering or pool filling.

For commercial wastewater customers, charges are based on actual monthly water consumption.