Conservation Programs

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Pflugerville Conserves!

hose in knot to stop dripThe City of Pflugerville established water conservation guidelines and programs long before Pfresh water was a challenge.

There are numerous different programs assisting in water conservation for city residents:

  • Drop by Drop Landscaping Rebate program
  • Rain Barrels
  • Voluntary Water restrictions in non-peak water usage months
  • Water Softener Replacement Rebate program
  • Water Conservation Education
  • Irrigation System Evaluations
  • Participation in Fix-A-Leak Week
  • Participation in the state-wide Water IQ public awareness program

Darrell Winslett - Water Conservation Manager -

Patricia Rinehart - Water Conservation Educator -

Drop by Drop Landscaping Rebate Program

Up to $500 rebate for program participants!

Xeriscaped gardenFrom October 1 through June 15, the Drop by Drop Landscaping Rebate Program offers up to $500 to Pflugerville residents and water customers for landscaping improvements meeting the program guidelines.

The Rebate Program actively promotes easy, efficient, economic and environmentally sound water use and conservation. Since 2001, Drop by Drop has given approximately $28,000 in rebates to 93 homeowners helping beautify Pflugerville neighborhoods.  Native plant species, properly planted and mulched, help Pflugerville residents and water customers reduce future demand on the water utilities while creating beautiful, low-maintenance landscapes.

Water Softener Replacement Rebate Program

water softener The Water Softener Replacement Rebate Program provides incentives for all residential customers residing in the City of Pflugerville city limits and all residential customers utilizing City of Pflugerville wastewater services who replace working timer-based self-regenerating water softeners with demand initiated regeneration (DIR) water softeners.

This rebate program was implemented because of high Total Dissolved Solid (TDS) levels in the city’s wastewater caused by the overuse of water softeners. High levels of TDS are caused by the presence of potassium, chlorides, and sodium in the water treated by water softeners

Irrigation System Evaluations

Irrigation systems/sprinkler systems can be double-edged swords. Calibrated and set according to the guidelines established by the water conservation department, irrigation systems can, not only water effectively and efficiently, but will help prevent wasteful watering.

System evaluations are performed for water customers of the city free of charge.