No Fly Zone

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Shoo pfly, don’t bother me! Let’s start a NO FLY and MOSQUITO ZONE!

We’ve had a few residents asking about flies, mosquitoes and the city’s efforts to help control insects. While the City of Pflugerville does not spray or fog for mosquitoes or flies due to the negative environmental impact, some of the ways the city has tried to control mosquitoes is by putting Purple Martin houses at Lake Pflugerville and using mosquito dunk discs in standing water areas or ditches in the city to keep eggs from hatching.

Pfight the bite

Together we can help fight mosquitoes in our community.

  1. First, eliminate standing water! Get rid of old tires, buckets, and containers in your yard that can hold standing water.
  2. Repair leaky pipes and outside faucets. Water attracts mosquitoes.
  3. Change water in bird baths frequently and keep them clean.
  4. Clear out clogged gutters.

Ways your city helps to prevent mosquitoes - Please note that the city does not spray for mosquitoes. The city has controlled mosquitoes using mosquito dunk discs in standing water areas or ditches in the city to prevent eggs from hatching.

Code compliance - Code Compliance helps to enforce mowing of property with requiring mowed lots. City code does not permit for long, overgrown grass in yards which can be a breeding ground for flies and mosquitoes.

Stagnant water provisions - Stagnant water is covered in the code under Public Nuisance ordinance 92.15 “Stagnant water in which mosquitoes, flies, and other insects may breed” as a public nuisance. If you see an area of stagnant water you can report it to code compliance.

Lake Pflugerville Purple Martin Houses - In November 2015 the city partnered with Purple Martin Propagators to install two twenty-four gourd-style purple martin houses at Lake Pflugerville. These birds have a voracious appetite for flying insects and eat up to 2000 insects per bird a day, including mosquitoes and wasps.

More information on mosquitoes and disease:

To keep the mosquitoes off your body, use the Four D's:

  • Wear DEET,
  • Dress appropriately in long sleeves and pants,
  • Drain stagnant areas of water and,
  • Stay indoors during dawn and dusk hours.

Cooking oil is a good mosquito repellent and candles attract mosquitoes away from you and to the light. Use bug sprays if you’re going to be out in the early morning and evening hours.

The American Mosquito Control Association offers a wealth of information and suggestions for preventing and controlling the little buzzers!

Help Prevent Flies

  • Don’t toss open trash from the kitchen to your main outdoor trash can.
  • Seal your kitchen trash first.
  • Consider recycling your plastic grocery store bags in this manner by putting food scraps into the plastic bags, tying them, and then tossing into your kitchen bag. This will keep you from giving flies anything to smell or eat.
  • Clean your trash and recycle carts with bleach and repeat bleach treatment each week and you’ll notice a decrease.
  • Other recommendations include aerosol fly sprays which contain synergized pyrethrins, tetramethrin or resmethrin; insecticide fly baits that can go in small, shallow trays in fly-infested areas and resin strips which work well on the underside of a garbage can or dumpster lids.

If you compost, it can be a wonderland for flies unless properly controlled. The tip is to bury food waste and not overload. Keeping a plastic sheet or old carpet piece on the surface of the compost can help. Try sprinkling some calcium carbonate (lime from stone) in the bin and/or a petri dish.

Let's work together to make Pflugerville...A NO FLY ZONE!