Bulk Pickup Service

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Waste Connections is restarting curbside bulk and brush pickup in stages starting May 18.



Calling ahead to 512-990-6100 or emailing utilitybilling@pflugervilletx.gov is recommended but not required.

Put up to six items curbside on your normal service day. Accepted items include extra bags not exceeding 40 lbs and with sufficient wall strength to maintain physical integrity when lifted, furniture, water softener tanks with salt removed, stoves, toilets, dishwashers, washers and dryers, gas grills with the tanks removed, refrigerators*, freezers* and mattresses.  Televisions accepted weighing up to 40 lbs. Any questions about your specific items, call 512-990-6100 or email utilitybilling@pflugervilletx.gov.

Bulk items are limited to 4 feet in length, 4 inches in diameter or 2 cubic yards (3'x3'x6') and 40 pounds in weight..

Bundled brush and limbs, including Christmas trees, are limited to 4 feet in length and must be securely bundled or fastened.

The standard trash truck may not pick up the item, a separate truck may be sent to retrieve the bulk item.

*Note: Any item containing freon must have it removed by a licensed technician and a certification sticker applied.

Not accepted: Hazardous waste, dirt, rock, tires, wood, pallets, concrete, fencing, carpeting, sheet rock, construction debris or material, and gas cylinders are not accepted curbside.

Remember that several appliances, tires, and batteries are accepted at the city's Recycle Center.