Stormwater and Conservation Volunteer Events

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Gilleland Creek Clean-Up on October 6, 2018

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The event was organized by the City Community Services Coordinator, Mr. Eddie Garcia.  Volunteer participants included the Rotary Club of Pflugerville, The INTERACTOR (youth group of rotary), American Legion Kerlin-Lyerly Post 154 of Pflugerville, the Pflugerville HS Key Club, Operation Supply Drop, and the City Environmental Specialist.  Participants met in the Gilleland Creek Pool parking lot at 9 AM and worked until 11:00 AM removing trash within the creek bed and along the banks from Railroad Ave. to the first upstream pedestrian bridge crossing.  In addition, large pile of dead limbs was removed from the creek bank in Gilleland Creek.   


Gilleland Creek Invasive Plant Removal on November 8, 2018






This project event was the first effort in removing invasive plants (primarily Ligustrum, a.k.a. privet).  The first phase of the project is along the creek from the Railroad Ave. bridge to the first pedestrian crossing in Pfluger Park.  Volunteer participants included the 57th Signal Battalion, Rotary Club, American Legion Post 154, Operation Supply Drop (OSD), and some local residents.  City employee participants included Parks and Recreation staff, and the Environmental Specialist from the Engineering Development Dept.  Participants gathered and began the event in the Gilleland Creek Pool parking lot at 8:30 AM and completed work activities at 2:30 PM.  The event was “fueled” by a pizza lunch provided by Ms. Shelby Pausewang, Team Lead of the Central Texas OSD.  A volunteer of particular note was Ms. Jean Pfluger whose parents, Leon and Gladys Pfluger dedicated the 30 acres of creek side land to the City for community park development. 

Participants worked in a concerted effort removing privet, poison ivy, tree debris, and trash along the creek for a distance of approximately 200 ft.  Tools used in the effort were weed wrenches, loppers, hand and chainsaws.  An All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) equipped with a cable and a tractor equipped with a grabber were used to move the cut privet limbs to a trailer for transport to the Recycling Center.  Three trailer loads were transported, prior to the use of the City’s chipper.  One chipped trailer load was transported to the Recycling Center at the end of the event.  The following day, Streets and Drainage employees transported two additional trailer loads of limbs to the Recycling Center.  Touch up work is planned for the following week, which will include cutting the stumps to ground level and seed application along the cleared north bank. 

This event is the beginning of a “work in progress” that will be conducted by caring people that are invested in maintaining the health and natural beauty of the park, creek and associated riparian area.  Consultation will be provided by riparian restoration experts from Texas A&M Forest Service, Texas Parks and Wildlife, and City of Austin.