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Recycle used car oil; don't let it get into the environment

Post Date:10/27/2017 8:47 AM
oilpanIf you change your car’s oil, it is required that you contain the oil and dispose of it properly. The Pflugerville Recycle Center at 15500 Sun Light Near Way, accepts used motor oil from residents with a utility bill proof of residency. Additional ways to properly dispose of motor oil include recycling it at local auto repair shops (O’Reilly Auto Parts, Autozone). It is NEVER okay to let the oil drip on your driveway or dispose of it into the street. The oil will travel from the street into our storm drains which feeds unfiltered into Pflugerville creeks and streams polluting the environment.

How to properly dispose of oil:
1)    Drain the oil into a pan that can hold twice the volume of oil as is in the engine.

2)    Carefully move the oil pan to a location where you can safely pour the oil into a container.

3)    Take container to the city recycle center or other local auto repair shop for proper disposal. Do not leave on the driveway, toss on your lawn or pour down the drain.
For more environmental tips, visit www.pflugervilletx.gov/stormwater.

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